Arctic Polygons


This was my studio project for my college program. I decided to challenge myself by trying to reproduce the effect found on the Species in Pieces website.

I pushed myself to master the CSS clip-path property, creating well-transitioning pieces of art with it. I animated various SVG’s for the background to reduce the load time of the website. (Works best at larger screen sizes)

Stock Tracker


The goal of this website was to create a website using that updates some form of information in real-time using server-sent events.

I created this stock tracking website by using PHP to scrape the information from an existing website, also including the feature to update the stock selection by re-establishing the server sent connection.


The goal of this project was to create a fictional business using the fullPage.js library.

This website features animations that I made in Adobe After Effects from vectors. These vectors were exported as SVG’s to ensure a fast load time of the website, across all devices. The JS was modified to pause animations when not on screen, to further optimize the website.

Website Redesign


This project was a redesign of the Distinctive Impressions website, which was then developed to show functionality. The purpose was to practice reimagining an existing website while maintaining the original content. This website also emphasizes accessibility, using ARIA labels.

To see the comparison between my redesign and the original Distinctive Impressions website here.

Vacation Destination


The objective of this project was to create a 2-page website, with the home page having 5 sections, and the second page having 4 (not including the header and footer).

With this project, I became familiar with CSS grids, CSS pseudo-elements, and mix-blend modes. This was also my introduction to producing multi-page websites.

The Projector App

React Native, Expo

The goal of this project was to work in pairs to design and develop a mobile app for The Projector. This was created using React Native and Expo, in order to be able to develop simultaneously for both Android and IOS.

The articles were pulled using an API, then organized and coloured based on the category that the article was assigned by the author.

WordPress Plugin

PHP, WordPress, CSS

Fontimation is a WordPress plugin that I created alongside two others to add on-hover animations to text. This plugin was inspired by Jack’s website, specifically the animation that plays when you hover your mouse over the text.

The plugin is currently under review by WordPress. Once approved, I will add the link here for you to be able to view it (or use it) on the website!