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Who we are

Here at Distinctive Impressions we deal with all things branding. We want to take your brand to the next level, so that you can get the highest engagement possible.

No matter what you need your brand on, we will figure it out. We specialize in engravings and embroidery, and have recently introduced sandblast etching to our skillset.

Regardless of what you need done, we take any and all types of projects to get the job done memorably and well.

We have worked with some of the most well known brands across multiple different industries. When it comes to branding, the only limitation is your imagination.

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We engrave a wide variety of imagery and text. We also engrave anything you need.

Whether it be wood, metal, rings or keychains, we have you covered.

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We brand metallic and magnetic buttons in a way that they stay strong and last long.

We do both coloured and black and white buttons, both as individuals and batches.

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Sandblast Etching

By sandblasting, we are able to put your beautiful logo and typography on glass and other object in a way that catches the eye.

We have multiple catalogues to show off how different sandblasts look, dependant on the material, shape, and size.

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Four glass sandblasts of trophies on a black background.

Need Branding?

Feel free to reach out to us by any means comfortable to you to get a consultation on your branding project ideas! We offer the first consultation for free, and are able to suppliment ideas for your brand as well as show previous client work.

We have all the bases covered so what are you waiting for? We're excited to work with you!

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